Evolution of Evil

Evolution of Evil

Documentary, Biography, History

They are a rogues gallery of the most notorious despots in recent history. From Hitler to Saddam Hussein, from Stalin to Kim Jong-il of North Korea, from Chairman Mao to Colonel Gaddafi these are the psychopaths, the heartless ideologues, the greedy, the cruel and sometimes the just plain mad individuals who have seized control of their country and inflicted appalling suffering on their people.

The Evolution Of Evil S01 WEBRip x264-ION10

S01E01 Gaddafi: Mad Dog of the Middle East

S01E02 Hitler: The Benchmark of Terror

S01E03 Stalin: Russia’s Steel Tyrant

S01E04 Tojo: Japan’s Razor of Fear

S01E05 Mao: China’s Chairman of Death

S01E06 Saddam: The Butcher of Baghdad

S01E07 Mussolini: The Father of Fascism

S01E08 Bin Laden: A Terrorist Mastermind

S01E09 Kim: North Korea’s Evil Dynasty

S01E10 Papa Doc: Haiti’s President for Life