Cursed Bloodlines 1080p AMZN WEBRip x264-squalor

Cursed Bloodlines

Cursed Bloodlines

History, Crime

From billionaire business tycoons to political and royal families, this series examines real life historical instances of tragically ill-fated bloodlines, some spanning over centuries. Could the source of their misfortune be pride, wealth, or genetics? Or could it be something much more sinister?

Cursed Bloodlines 1080p AMZN WEBRip x264-squalor

S01E01 The Kennedy Curse (1.3 GB)

S01E02 The Grimaldi Curse (1.3 GB)

S01E03 The Mad Monk Curse (1.2 GB)

S01E04 The Dragon Curse (872 MB)

S01E05 The Pharaoh Curse (1.1 GB)

S01E06 The Onassis Curse (1.00 GB)

S01E07 The Political Dynasties Curse (1.2 GB)

S01E08 The Hawk Curse (1.1 GB)

S01E09 The Curse Of The Peacock Throne (1.2 GB)

S01E10 The Getty Curse (802 MB)

S01E11 The Curse Of The American Billionaires (1.2 GB)

S01E12 The Winchester Curse (956 MB)

S01E13 The Agnelli Curse (0.99 GB)